Digital Marketing Modules

Quick, easy & affordable tools to reach your customers quickly and engage effectively

Beautiful designs, professional first impressions, powerful content, valuable results


Launching now, DigiCards4Biz

Versatile electronic business cards that can be sent from phone to phone and display loads of info about your business.

Do you need to get a head start on marketing your business online? Or improve your digital marketing right now?

Get a quick start with our modular marketing tools. Build your digital marketing platform, one module at a time. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, or for teams in large organisations. Affordable, scalable, professional.



Digital business cards for the new way of working. Best value networking tool to boost your post-Covid business. Easy share via your phone. Display profile, contact info, social media links, testimonials, promotions, projects, and much more.

Social Media  

Social Media marketing

Stand-out professional social profiles for company and personal pages. Striking cover & icon design. Turn your profile into a customer-centric story that gives your audience what they are looking for. Maximise on available space. Keyword rich for search indexing.

Email Marketing  

email marketing

Direct email communication with your database is the most affordable and engaging way to optimise a personalised customer experience. Share information with beautifully designed newsletters and nurture leads with well-written email campaigns.


Websites development services

Modular options for every budget. Beautiful designs customised for your brand. Super-easy to set up and customise. Best user experience for your customers. Start with what you need now and add more modules later as you build your business.

Logos & CIs  

Graphic design Logos & CI

Your customers will expect to see a professional logo. Don’t let an out-of-date or amateurish logo spoil the first impression of your brand. We offer simple but striking logo design, typography selection, basic CIs, email signatures and letterheads.


Get found by your target audience on Google with search engine optimisation (SEO). Keyword research, on-page SEO for websites, Google My Business profiles. Plug in the right tools to help your business be displayed where your customers are looking.

Articles & Blogs 

TDA Articles & Blogs

Use engaging blogs, articles and case studies as touch points with your customers. By sharing information thats relevant for your audience, articles build credibility and trust, lay the foundation for conversion to sales, and organically build your Google ranking.


Brochures designs and copy writing

Company brochures that display product & service information. Professional design, a clear brand story, engaging content, memorable impressions. Provided in PDF format for easy sharing via email, LinkedIn, your DigiCard or your website.


Digital Advertising Services

When you need to reach your market quickly, digital advertising is essential. We offer basic digital advertising modules to extend your reach. Google search ads, Google display ads and social media ads for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Well managed and measured campaigns.

Measure & Maintain

TDA Measure Manage Maintain

Get detailed, accurate analytics of your website and social media engagement to ensure a cost-effective marketing strategy. Optimum website security and performance are critical for a stable platform and best user experience. Monthly packages available.


Digital Marketing Strategy

If you don’t know where to start, the TDA Think Tank can help with some ideas. Book a 40-minute miniconsultation or a half-day workshop to explore how your customers make buying decisions and plan a marketing strategy that will support your business goals.  

If you don’t know where to start?

Will you be marketing your brand differently during Covid-19 and after? We’re offering 50-minute online consultations for SMEs that urgently need ideas to bring in new business. Book a session with our TDA Think Tank for creative and practical ideas to take your marketing online, quickly, affordably and effectively.


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