Creative solutions to advance your brand

We specialise in integrating traditional and digital marketing to increase revenue and grow your business by attracting and engaging with the right customers for your brand.

Content is key for any business!

We specialise in creating meaningful, memorable and measurable content for all platforms.

We understand the importance of content and are masters at communicating clearly and engaging your clients. We’re also meticulous when it comes to attention to detail.

Online marketing is the most affordable, accessible and targeted channel to get more customers for your business. Combined with the content we create for traditional channels, we deliver an approach with market clout.

We specialise in creating powerful and engaging digital content, well-developed in search engine optimisation (SEO). Our monitoring and measuring of your online engagement gives you the analytics and data you need.

Because marketing requires an integrated approach, our team includes web developers, brand designers, graphic designers, cross-platform writers, a publicist, an SEO consultant, a funnel marketing specialist and also a business development consultant. We have teams in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Adding significant value to your business with insights into your challenges

Because each team member has at one time run their own company, The Digital Alliance can see things from your perspective and develop solutions to meet your particular needs. To put it simply, we get you!

Our ethos is to provide a service that is, on one hand, practical, realistic, budget-conscious, strategic and results-driven. On the other hand, it’s also highly creative and on point.

Meet the Team

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Managing Director

B2B COMMUNICATIONS EXPERT: I spent more than 15 years of my career writing for the corporate sector. Over that time, I learned a huge amount about the marketing challenges of small and medium-sized businesses and acquired in-depth knowledge of communication strategy – which I have been applying in enterprise initiatives for over a decade.

IT STARTS WITH PASSION: I am fanatical about getting the communication right in every project that we do. My fascination lies in what other businesses do and how they do it – and I love figuring out how they can use their marketing to increase revenue and create more jobs.

ONLINE IS FOR CUSTOMERS: Customer-centric engagement is crucial for attracting clients in the online environment. You must focus on what people need – not on what you have to offer – and ensure that you speak to them on their terms.

COMMITTED TO BUSINESS GROWTH: I am inspired by how entrepreneurship, enterprise development, skills development and youth empowerment, can support economic growth in any community. My daily mission is to use my knowledge to help make a difference for businesses that want to grow and to help them bring jobs and prosperity to Africa.

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Operations Director

LOGICAL CREATION: I have an aptitude for both creative and logical thinking, and 25+ years of experience in digital applications. I specialise in bringing together beautiful graphic design, quality content and high-level digital expertise, to provide companies with an efficient and effective route to market.

MY MISSION: To help businesses demystify the online jargon that scares and confuses most of us and gain a clear understanding of what they can do in the digital environment. I want to help them take advantage of the remarkable opportunities available for marketing and communication online.

DISTINCTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL: I have been on a journey of continuous education ever since finishing high school, working primarily in digital print, graphic design and computer programming, perfecting my skills on the job.

EXPERT SKILLS: WordPress Website Development; Website Hosting; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); WordPress Management (security, maintenance and support); Google Analytics; Email Marketing; Print Management

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Creative Director

WIDE EXPERIENCE: I am an experienced art director and brand designer with a background in marketing and advertising. I am highly skilled in brand design work, including advertising, branding, social media, websites, graphics, logo design, typography and user experience.

PASSION FOR COMMUNICATION: I have a passion for crafting and influencing the entire branding experience. I love to transform chaos into design that is clear and concise with the aim of creating strong brand consciousness across the board.

EXPERIENCED ENTREPRENEUR: I have built my own business for the past 20 years, offering inspiring design, advertising and event-related work for various clients, PR agencies and event companies.

BUSINESS FOCUS: I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and am interested in their business models. In particular I love to work with new businesses. It excites me to be a part of their growth. I feel a sense of achievement to be part of rejuvenating an existing business with an injection of new energy and creative branding power.

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Concept Director

BIG IDEAS AND SHORT STORIES: I love two things: Thinking up big ideas and writing great stories in as few words as possible. Stories come from ideas and together they work to enthral people. When you start getting people to take an interest in your written word, you hold them in the palm of your hand. I have spent over 2 decades in various areas of the media industry holding people captive with my big ideas and storytelling abilities.  

MY EXPERIENCE TELLS A STORY: For 25 years I have been writing for just about every industry on all platforms. Back in the day, I was top of my journalism class. I worked the entertainment, lifestyle and arts & culture scene in print, radio and TV. I wrote scripts, feature stories, reviews, press releases, profiles and more. I ran a hot little events company for 7 of those years.

STORIES FOR BUSINESS: Now I write stylish online marketing content for web, blogs and social media. I combine my ability to understand what consumers want with my grasp of what’s popular on digital to provide clients with ideas for campaigns that are both innovative and functional.



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Digital Art Director

TRADITIONAL DESIGN: I am a traditional graphic design artist by training. During my decades of working in the marketing industry I have gained in-depth experience in corporate graphic design work and in designing for electronic platforms.

SOLID EXPERIENCE: I have experience from my years of working for creative agencies, like Ogilvy & Mather and Lindsey Smithers FCB. I spent 2 years doing exclusively finished art for a national restaurant franchise. I also ran my own business for over 10 years, specialising in DTP services, graphic design and finished art.

ONLINE DESIGN: Over time I transitioned into the online environment. Today, graphic designers who can apply a traditional design background to the online space can help companies to stand out with a high-quality brand appeal online as well as offline.

SKILLS: Research & development, social media strategy & implementation, creative solutions, graphic design – above the line, below the line and online; design for corporate, retail & professional services; WordPress front end design; newsletter design, setup & management.

We offer the complete marketing package to all our clients.