Welcome to the new TDA logo – why and how we got there

‘Create it Forward’ – this is the tag-line of The Digital Alliance. It was the result of a brainstorming session as we strove to find a way of describing the heart behind the company. It also inspired our logo. The philosophy behind ‘Create it Forward’ embodies our desire to lead by example, to lead with creativity, to make a difference, to be able to have an impact on our beautiful world and the people we employ and for whom we create memorable and profitable work.

Today, the Digital Alliance is born and springs from the linking of the passions and experience of the members of the team.

TDA! Or as one client put it – Ta-DA! A simple excited announcement. We are here to make our mark.

Making one’s mark is an instinctive, uniquely human characteristic. Whether by drawing, writing, painting, sculpting, storytelling or acting; creation, telling our story and leaving behind proof of our existence is man’s driving need. It is certainly ours. TDA is easy to say. It is clear, straight forward and unpretentious.

Our logo is made up of three dynamic parts – our signature, our circle and our chevron.

Our Signature

The Digital Alliance is the result of a truly unique group of creatives joining forces. Our strong digital siginature combines simple shape and form with the need to bring the human element into the digital world. In using a handwritten font, we describe the personal mark, the handwritten signature used throughout the history by man to identify himself as an individual.

Writing one’s signature is an ancient ritual. A handwritten, often stylized, depiction of a person’s name, it has, at times, been nothing more than a simple ‘X’. Written on documents it acts as a proof of identity and intent, physical evidence of a personal witness and the certification of the document. On a painting, or other work of art, a signature plays an important part in the assessment and value of the piece of art.

This holds true for our TDA logo. It embodies our intent and is instantly recognisable as a symbol of our heart and soul as well as our pride in our work, work we create to stand out and be recognised.

Our circle

The circle is a universal symbol representing the notions of totality, wholeness, timelessness, and cyclical movement. As the sun, it is masculine power; as the earth, it is the feminine maternal principle. A circle implies the idea of movement. It is the expression of perpetual motion, like the planets’ journey around the sun, the great rhythm of the universe. The circle is also zero in our numbering system, and a vital part of the binary system behind all digital programming. As such, it symbolizes potential.

Our Chevron

Our inclusion of a chevron, in the familiar placement of a ‘play’ button on electronic equipment, reinforces our ‘Create it Forward’ tag-line as it points the way forward, into the future with spirit and energy. It is our subliminal promise to our clients to keep their brands moving forward, ahead of everyone else.

Don’t miss the next instalments where we will discuss our choice of colours and the design of our website.

If you need a fresh, vital and energised reinvention of your brand contact The Digital Alliance today.