Digital marketing has allowed websites to become increasingly more diverse and solution orientated. For every purpose there is a webpage and knowing how to take the right approach can boost your lead-conversion into a new dimension. Focussing on landing pages, we have curated 4 crucial Cs that will ensure your landing page ticks the necessary boxes.

Landing page vs. all the other webpages

In the world of webpages, a landing page is considered rather special. It is designed with a single goal in mind: converting visitors into leads by making them an appealing offer which they cannot resist. When browsing online, a possible customer will click on an advertised link which takes them to a landing page. Once on the landing page, the visitor is encouraged to take a desired action, leave their details, and potentially revisit your website in the near future. Even though the crux of a landing page is fairly simple, it is imperative to feature specific elements so that your visitors remain engaged.

The 4 crucial Cs of a landing page

If you are unsure of where to start when creating a landing page, or perhaps need some additional insight, then familiarise yourself with the following 4Cs:

1. Concise heading with a bit of a punch

Advertising tycoon, David Ogilvy, once stated: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.” A headline can thus make or break the rest of you landing page. Here is what a good headline looks like: It should intrigue customers whilst being simple enough to let them know you are the solution to their problem. Your headline should be relevant to (and a continuation of) the ad link that the customer clicked on before landing on your page. Lastly, think outside the box. Let your headline stand out from the rest, so that people want to read the body copy as well.

2. Clear and professional looking hero image

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than written text. This explains why customers are more likely to first look at webpage images before reading the heading. To ensure that your hero image is spot on, choose one that has a high-resolution quality and communicates exactly what your landing page content is about. If you are still unsure of what hero image to use, consider the following: Do you want it to showcase the product/service on offer? Should it demonstrate how the product works? Must it convey the outcome related to the product/service? By keeping these questions in mind, you will be able to find a hero image that is both professional yet captivating.

3. Concrete solutions to customer challenges

Searching online for products, services and solutions has become the new normal. It plays a key role in the way businesses tailor customer experiences and market themselves. When a customer visits your landing page, they want to immediately be assured that you can fulfil their need requirements and offer viable solutions to their challenges. When designing your landing page, it is critical that you know your target audience and what makes them tick, emphasize the solutions you can offer, include testimonials, and reinforce the reasons why your product/services shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Convincing call to actions

For your landing page to be a success it should encourage visitors to take a step that will a) solve their problem and b) convert them into leads. This is where call to actions come in to play. A convincing call to action will prevent visitors from skimming over your landing page and then not take it any further. To make the most of your call to actions ensure that they are: short and sweet, benefits the customer, is noticeable and attention grabbing, and importantly urges the visitor to take the actionable step.

By following the 4Cs your landing page is bound to make visitors stop in their tracks. If you need help with formulating the perfect landing page, contact us and witness how your leads take off