As an entrepreneur, what’s your definition of tragedy? Having an interesting product that captures the market’s attention is all cool and well, but if potential customers cannot find your business online – TRAGEDY! So, to ensure that your SME is stayin’ alive we suggest getting your brand name out there.

Investing in digital marketing is the most effective way to achieve this. Let’s take a look at why digital should be your go-to marketing tool so that your SME can reach its growth objectives.

It’s all about your online presenc 

People use their smartphones, tablets and laptops, apps and importantly the internet to find information. So, that is where your marketing has to reach them. 72% of consumers use digital sources to search for products or services before making a purchase. If your business is not accessible to them on digital platforms, they will simply rely on competitors to fulfil their needs. To avoid this from happening focus on your online presence.

The first step is to create a well-designed and informative website. This immediately places you on the digital map by showcasing what your business is about and how it could benefit consumers. Next, set up social media accounts and post valuable content. Doing this will allow you to advertise strategically and reach a wider audience. It also promotes interaction and feedback from your customers. Use this insight to your advantage by adapting your product and service strategy to suit your market’s needs and interests.

By building a strong online presence, consumers will know that you are credible and- up to date with technology.

Connect with any consumer, anytime, from any where 

Another benefit about digital marketing is the convenience it offers for SMEs. Your business can be located on an island in the Mediterranean and digital marketing will allow you to connect with people from around the world. Even if your SME is focussing on the local market, targeted digital marketing will ensure that you reach your customers exactly where they are.

By using digital marketing effectively, you will be able to engage with a range of possible customers, which could potentially open new doors for your SME.

Get the right data 

Your SME might not yet have a digital marketing strategy, but it is highly likely that you have some form of traditional marketing strategy in place. So, how do you know that your strategies are working? Are you spending the right amount on advertising? Do you manage to reach your target market? These questions are often difficult to answer with a traditional marketing strategy.

Accurate data analytics can be used to analyse how people interact with your online platforms. You can view details about your customers, where they are located and what services or products, they engage with most. With this data you can then evaluate and adapt your strategies. This makes advertising spending and budget allocation a lot easier and more worthwhile.

5 essentials of digital marketing

Your digital marketing strategy does not have to be complex. Focus on the basics, have a good understanding of your brand and target market and use this knowledge to communicate cleverly. We suggest prioritising the following five aspects whilst strategizing:

1. Great branding and images 

Authentic and consistent branding is essential to create a positive perception in consumer’s minds. Consumers want to know what your brand is about and how it differs from competitors. Communicating this will instantly draw in their trust and support. As part of your visual branding, focus on images. Choose them wisely, so that they are impactful and represent your brand essence.  

2. Publishing content that your customers are looking for

Customers are after informative and unique content. To achieve this, thoroughly research your target market so that you understand what makes them tick. Then, curate and plan your content around this informationBy approaching content from the perspective of what your customers want, there is a greater chance that they will engage with the contentbecause it adds value to them.

3. Showcase your value

Showcasing your value is all about selling your brand and attracting customers. What can your business do for people? How does it fill a gap in the market? What makes your products and services unique? Once customers know the value you bring to the table, they will start flocking in.  

4. Make your customer experience memorable

From the moment that a customer starts interacting with your business you should be giving them a first-class experience. Great service and attention to detail goes a long way if you want to leave a lasting impression on customers. Satisfied customers lead to loyalty, referrals, and good testimonials.   

5. Be active and current

Being active on your business’s website and social media platforms indicates to customers that things are happening with your business. Nobody wants to visit a website to see an outdated site with one blogpost posted two years ago. To ensure that customers follow, engage, and relate with your content, post regularly and know what type of content is trending.  

All roads lead to digital

Digital marketing really is non-negotiable if you want your business to succeed. Especially for SMEs that want to increase their brand awareness and reach growth objectives. Once you start navigating your way through the digital marketing sphere your business will start reaping the benefits in no time.  

Our team at TDA is passionate about SMEs and digital marketing because we know you are the real gold mines! Contact us for more digital marketing advice and assistance. Also, ask us about our budget-friendly marketing packs. We created them to help kickstart any small to medium start-up business’s marketing quickly, affordably and professionally