When you launch a start-up business, your priority should be to attract new customers. But before deciding to take you seriously, people will look at your business’s visual identity and branding. In fact, because logos are so widely used, if you don’t have one, the impression will be that your business is too small to engage with. Up to 75 percent of customers recognise a brand by its logo, so this is where you should invest time and money.  

The purpose of a logo is to be informative, showcasing who and what your business is about. You want people to look at your logo and feel connected to it or feel a sense of trust. Get that right and your start-up will be distinguishable from competitors and eventually more memorable.  

What to consider before creating a logo  

How do you ensure that your start-up’s logo reflects the essence of your brand? By communicating the right information from the get-go. This way a graphic designer can visually represent your brand to attract customers, whilst staying true to your values and purpose. Here are a few things to think through before approaching a designer:  

1. What do you want your logo to say?  

Your logo is just as important as your business name. It should make a good first impression on your target market and display professionalism. Because a logo reveals your brand identity the two must connect. So, start by unpacking your business identity:  

  • What do you want your customers to feel or experience when they engage with you?  
  • What is it that you do?  
  • What are your attributes?  
  • Describe your brand personality? 
  • What value do you bring to customers?  
  • How are you different from competitors? 

These simple questions will lead the way to what your logo design should say about your business. It will also give the designer an idea of which typography and colours to use, to match your brand personality.  

2. Who is your customer and what will appeal to them?  

For many people, a logo holds symbolic meaning and can even signify happy memories. Make the most of your logo so that it not only attracts customers but connects with them. Always keep in mind what design will appeal to your target market. After all, they are the ones who will pay attention to and remember your logo. Tap into the mindset of the typical person who will buy your products or services. Market research and creating a buyer persona is a great place to start. This will give a good indication of the direction you should take for your logo’s look and feel so that it resonates with customers.  

3. What are your competitors doing?  

A unique logo is the way to get customers to remember you. To get noticed, investigate what other businesses are getting right and where there is a gap for improvement (you are competing for the same target market’s attention). Without copying, draw inspiration from other logos. Iconic logos all make use of similar design principles, which is why they work. Once you have saved your ideas, the designer will be able to work some magic and create a unique, yet timeless logo.  

It’s time to make your mark!  

Talk to us about our cost-effective logo package. By combining our design expertise and your brand identity, your new start-up business is bound to get the attention it deserves.