Category: Marketing Strategy

Welcome to the new TDA logo – why and how we got there

‘Create it Forward’ – this is the tag-line of The Digital Alliance. It was the result of a brainstorming session as we strove to find a way of describing the heart behind the company. It also inspired our logo. The philosophy behind ‘Create it Forward’ embodies our desire to lead by example, to lead with [...]
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Does your content support the customer journey?

My writing experience started in the days of the manual typewriter and wax-paper stencils (hands up who remembers the Roneo and Gestetner machines?) So I honed my skills on traditional business content – like brochures, reports, press releases, catalogues and product manuals. Traditional copywriting was the exclusive and prestigious terrain of wordsmiths and journalists; some [...]
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Why being authentic and credible as a marketing company matters

When we were deciding on our tagline, we took the adage, ‘Begin as you mean to continue’ to heart. We live in a country where the majority of people haven’t had the opportunities others have enjoyed. Many, through no fault of their own, have been marginalised. It’s very fashionable to want to be seen as [...]
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