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Keep your cost down. Get return on investment. Support your business goals.  

In the 2020 economy, with businesses under great pressure, it’s inevitable that marketing budgets are being cut. But of course, this is counterproductive. If you don’t market, you will very quickly lose more business.

Yet if you need to revive your marketing efforts and you don’t have the skills to do it all yourself, what can you achieve if your budget is seriously limited?

Budget-wise, user-friendly, strategy-savvy  

We have packaged our digital marketing systems into single, templated units or modules, each of which will deliver measurable results when used correctly.

Our modules are designed to work with achieving your business goals. Each of them provides a valuable component of a basic but effective digital marketing strategy. Each module will bring a good return on your investment.

You can build on your marketing activities, one module at a time, at a pace you can afford, until you have a fully integrated, comprehensive digital marketing system to attract customers, generate leads and build your brand.

Benefits of our digital marketing modules 

  • Get advice on which units will address your most urgent needs.  
  • Fixed price per module so that you can plan your budget accordingly.  
  • Clear deliverables per module – you know exactly what you will get.  
  • Scale up your marketing activities as you add more units.  
  • Templates support best user experience.  
  • Beautiful, professional design.  
  • High quality copywriting.  
  • DIY guidelines available.  
  • Work strategically towards a comprehensive marketing plan.  



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