Company Brochures  

Beautifully Designed Brochures for PDF and Print

Corporate brochures have stood the test of time in showcasing the brand and professionalism of your company. Beautiful design and expert rendition of your CI still make a knockout impression, both in digital and print. In the digital space, brochures can be downloaded from websites, landing pages and LinkedIn pages. You can attach brochures to social media messages. New prospects who’ve made an enquiry can be sent an email or WhatsApp with a PDF copy of your brochure attached.

The brochure is appropriate for presenting your company information in much more detail than you would on a standard web page. While web content is written for the viewer who wants to scan key information within seconds, the brochure format is aimed at the serious prospect who wants to dig deeper into the story about your business.

The content of your brochure provides a wealth of material that can be repurposed for social media, newsletters and website use. We take these multiple opportunities into consideration when writing and designing brochures and can advise on how to use the stories, images and infographics in a variety of contexts.

We design brochures in PDF and print format. Use the PDF brochure to disseminate online immediately. Keep the print version on file for when you need to have hard copies printed.

Ask us how to use your company brochure as a powerful marketing tool. And see our modules below that are suited for starting out with an entry-level brochure.

Module info:  

4-Page Company Brochure

Ideal for a business start-up or solo service provider. Make a knockout impression with beautiful design and expertly crafted content


R 5 500 (incl. VAT)

8-Page Company Brochure

Ideal for an established small business. Make a knockout impression with beautiful design and expertly crafted content


R 8 500  (incl. VAT) 

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