Content Marketing with Articles and Blogs 

Articles and Blogs to Deliver Value  

In our post-COVID world, consumers are looking online for the best value they can find. It’s not just about cost, it’s about the best solution for their immediate needs. And they want assurance that the supplier can be trusted. And, yes, they still read – if the first few lines catch their attention. (They also listen to podcasts and watch videos, but these are just different mediums for distributing what starts out as valuable written content.)  

You have expertise to share – so share it and win your audience’s trust. Publish educational content about ‘how to’ and ‘why to.’ Publish case studies about how you’ve done this for some of your clients. Publish opinion pieces about your industry. Share true client stories and successes. Write about typical challenges that you can resolve. Tell stories about how your company has reached this level of service.  

Does this mean giving away knowledge for free? Yes, there is a freebie element, but it’s the free sample that drives the buying decision. The more value you share, the better people will understand and trust what you offer and how they can benefit. And the more often you share valuable information, the faster you will build your brand online 

Blogs and articles form the foundation of all your content marketing on digital platforms. They can be published on your website and LinkedIn, and submitted to consumer publications. They can be repurposed for your newsletters, podcasts and videos; selected passages can be repurposed for social media posts; a collection of articles can be used to compile an eBook; the list goes on.  

Also remember that keyword optimised content improves Google ranking and appears in LinkedIn searches, amongst others. Valuable articles that attract a lot of traffic will boost both your ranking as well as your authority in the market 

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Module info:  

Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a 6-month communication plan that supports your business goals. Identify the content topics needed for each customer touch point

R 2 400 (incl. VAT)

Blogs and Case Studies

Publish valuable content for your target audience to build trust and support the customer journey 

R 1 800  (incl. VAT) 

Articles, Opinion Pieces, Case Studies

Publish high-level valuable content for your target audience that supports content strategy and drives business goals

R 3 500 (incl. VAT) 

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