Digital Business Cards for the New Way of Working

DigiCards4 Biz


The most affordable and practical business tool to hit South Africa in 2020, specially designed for the new way of working.

Gone are the days of traditional business cards. New in South Africa, designed by South Africans, DigiCards4Biz offers a versatile electronic business card that can be sent from phone to phone and display loads of information about your business.

It’s ideal for everyone. Whether you are solo entrepreneur, a small business owner or a large organisation.

No more printing costs. No more carrying a box of cards around. Fit all your important business information onto one digital impression that’s ready to share, anywhere, anytime.

For the entrepreneur who doesn’t have a website, it’s the ideal tool to get you started at a minimal cost.

You can set it up yourself and add your own business information. Or if technology set up and fiddling with images & colours are not your thing, we can help you get it right. See our module options below.

Module info:  


Your Personalised Digital Business Card. The interactive digital card that powers your business

R69 per month (incl. VAT) 

Set Up

Need help to set up your DigiCard? 

Send us what you want on it and we’ll get it done for you.

R 690  (incl. VAT) 

Advert Design

Want to put adverts or special offers onto your DigiCard? 

We’ll design eye-catching ads that work for your brand. 

R 1 035 (incl. VAT) 

Cover Design

What if your image at the top of yourDigiCard is not nailing it?  

We can design one for you that will give a strong first impression. 

R 690 (incl. VAT)

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