Digital Marketing Strategy  

Support Business Goals with the Right Digital Marketing Strategy 

Digital Marketing Strategy

You may have a clear vision for where you want to be in 10 years’ time … or 5 years’ time. But what if you drill down? What are your goals for the next 12 months, or 6 months? Have these changed since we were hit by Covid-19? Do you have urgent needs that you must fulfil right now? Most important, how are your marketing activities working day-to-day to help achieve those goals?

Here’s a typical request we regularly get: “I have a fabulous idea for a business, and I need a logo.” That’s great, who’s your ideal customer? “Ummm, I still have to figure that out, but I thought I should try to reach a lot of different people to start with.”

Or here’s another one: “I want to run Google Search ads.” Excellent, which service page should we direct the ads to? “Ummm, can’t you just send people to my home page?”

Customer no.1 needs guidance about how branding works to endorse a business within the context of your target market and why accurately targeted customer needs and wants should be established first, before you start on branding. Customer no.2 needs advice on all the elements of a successful ad campaign and how to integrate these with other marketing tactics.

Most often the inexperienced business owner just needs a consultation to help understand what will work best (and most cost-effectively) for his or her specific business, and how these tactics can be phased in and scaled up to help achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Our online strategy consultations are designed to deliver the insights you need most.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Get a cost-effective marketing plan that supports your business objectives and can be phased in according to your short-term budget

R 1 800 (incl. VAT)

Digital Content Strategy

Get a 6month communications plan that builds brand credibility, attracts new and repeat customers and supports your business objectives 

R 2 400  (incl. VAT) 

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