Measure and Maintain Your Digital Marketing Impact

Metrics to Maximise Digital Marketing ROI

TDA Measure Manage Maintain

Are you using data to inform your digital marketing strategy and improve your ROI on marketing spend? It’s important to measure your website traffic to understand how users are interacting with your digital platforms in order to continually improve your overall web performance.

Think of the decisions you can make when you are able to review patterns or fluctuations in website visitors, engagement with specific pieces of content, organic vs paid traffic, the results of targeted campaigns, your conversion rate, the cost of acquiring customers, and so on.

For instance, time spent on a website page is highly valuable information. Are your visitors leaving immediately or spending a long time there? Does this mean they didn’t find what they’re looking for? Or did they find it easily? Which search terms did they use to arrive there? Do you need to upgrade the content or user experience on that page? Are they mostly new or returning visitors? New means your SEO is working; returning means they like what you offer and want to engage further. So how can you pull them closer?

The answers to these and many other questions can help you drill down into your online performance and devise strategies to continuously improve your conversion rate.

We deliver customised analytics reports that provide the data you need to support your business objectives.

Module info:  

Google Analytics Reports

Assess the results of your digital marketing efforts and use data to make informed decisions on digital and content strategy!

R 1 100 (incl. VAT)

Website Monthly Maintenance

Guard against downtimes and security breaches and ensure optimum performance of your website

R 600  (incl. VAT) 

SEO Maintenance

Monthly SEO performance management to achieve best organic ranking on Google 

R 1 100 (incl. VAT) 

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