Bert Smith Inc.

Property Attorneys & General Conveyancers.

A personal service translated into a professional and trustworthy brand

Bert Smith Inc. commissioned a website that would convey both the professionalism of his property law firm as well as communicate its quality of customer experience and trusted personal services.

What we delivered

Visual branding for the company was already in place, so we chose to follow the CI guidelines by pulling out the professional blue and gold colours in the design and bringing in a subtle silver tone on the background images. We also used plenty of white space to keep the design clean, elegant and easy on the eye.  The website has been fully optimised for SEO, with primary keywords featuring throughout the content. We also ensured clear and simple explanations of the company’s services – clients need to know exactly what’s on offer and should not be confused by legal jargon. The site has been designed in WordPress, making it easy to upscale and amend in the future. Clear navigation and strong calls to action ensure a positive and professional experience for visitors to the site.

Bert Smith’s personal brand is an important part of the company’s reputation, so we recommended using striking photos of Bert that would highlight his style and professional manner. In addition, we featured some of his personal statements to convey his brand promise to all his customers. One of the catch phrases the firm uses is “We come to you.” So we extended this concept into the website, using strong and striking visuals of the team that would speak to the kind of experience clients can expect from the company. All it needed was a great photographer and a half-day shoot at the company’s premises. The results speak for themselves.

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