Taking a brand from solo service to a professional company

Bizgro is a post-retirement venture initiated by sales expert, Richard Lyon, after his long career in corporate sales management. He needed branding and a start-up website.

What we delivered

The only branding Richard had was a simple DIY logo using the colours navy, white and green. We started by designing a new logo for him with fresh and brighter versions of his colours. Since his business would be offering a triple-faceted service of recruitment, training and sales strategy consulting, we introduced a triangle feature into his CI to create visual interest and provide a distinctive icon that could reflect his brand colours in various ways.

Richard opted for a one-page website that can be extended into multiple pages as his company grows. The site has been designed in WordPress, making it easy to upscale and amend in the future. Although it started as a one-page website with all the content on the home page, the navigation bar at the top helps to direct the navigation across the page. Soon after we  built the site, we added a blog page, and a few months later we added a page for Bizgro’s Automotive division. Regular blog articles are helping the site to rank on Google and can be featured on social media to drive traffic to the website.

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