Cambridge Weight Plan Southern Africa

Educating society on the health benefits of weight management

When Cambridge Weight Plan was reintroduced to South Africa under new ownership, the company asked for a strategy to position this international brand as a valued solution for the local market.

What we delivered

Our brief for building the company website was to create a positive brand experience, supported by easy user navigation. For the design of the website, which had to align strictly with the international brand corporate identity, we introduced visuals and fresh design elements that would give the site an identity of its own and hold more relevance for local audiences. The emphasis for the brand, both visually and in the core messaging, is on realistic health and weight loss targets that will lead to long term wellness.

The marketing for Cambridge Weight Plan SA includes social media using Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, and blogs and ebooks, as well as digital advertising and a detailed automated marketing process for lead generation and to increase the company’s database. The result has been to grow the number of enquiries made by new prospects from zero to an optimum 200 leads per month – a substantial achievement for the company’s first wellness centre based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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