DMC Medical Suppliers

Reaching the hearts and minds of Zimbabwe, locally and abroad

DMC wanted a stronger and more strategic online presence for its brand to attract the right target markets and generate more substantial leads.

What we delivered

DMC Medical Suppliers is a Zimbabwean company specialising in the supply of medical equipment to institutions like hospitals and old-age facilities as well as to private homes within the local communities, where patients are incapacitated. While institutions and communities are two obvious target markets, another that is just as important is the Zimbabwean diaspora. This market is looking for a trustworthy medical supplier in Zimbabwe to caringly deliver medical equipment to the homes of loved ones suffering with health issues.

When we first met with DMC, the company barely had a social media presence to speak of. They were posting randomly and sporadically. We therefore created two strategic social media campaigns for Facebook and LinkedIn and integrated them with regular blog articles.

Our graphic designers and content managers developed a professional look and tone for the various markets: slick and professional messaging aimed at institutions and a heartfelt,  journalistic style appealing to communities and the diaspora. The aim is to attract people to the DMC brand with engaging imagery and calls to action on social media, and to drive potential customers to the DMC website.

By creating the hashtag #qualitylife and the tagline “Quality medical equipment for a quality life,” accompanied by a strong new visual appeal and strategic positioning of the brand’s message, we have given DMC the nurturing and trustworthy presence they deserve.    

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