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Lenmed Health Group requested a social media and digital marketing campaign to grow brand awareness and position the company as one of South Africa’s top 6 hospital services companies.

What we delivered

The social media campaign for the Lenmed Health Group is a tightly managed process, working closely with the client and giving meticulous attention to detail. As a hospital group, medical information shared in the public domain needs to be highly accurate. The company also has strict brand guidelines which we apply to every post that is published.

We are also writing articles for the company.  Modelled on international healthcare websites like Cleveland Clinic and The Mayo Clinic in the US, Lenmed’s objective is to build up a library of information on a wide range of health topics, that will be a useful resource for South Africans.

Our service also includes digital advertising, using Google Search and Google Display, to grow awareness of the company’s footprint of 11 hospitals across South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana.

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